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    Deslagging agent

    product details
    • Performance characteristics

      This product is selected from the main raw material of volcanic ash, artificial and mechanical screening and then add with other components, and finally produced by special processing. With a high expansion ratio and low sensitivity of the expansion temperature: the slag layer is not easy to break, the thermal insulation performance is good, and has the characteristics of none pollution to the metal liquid. The production and application show that the slag, covering the heat preservation effect is remarkable.

    • Scope of application

      This product can be widely used in foundry production, whether it is the cupola furnace or electric furnace production: the product can be widely used in casting steel and iron production, regardless of the melt acid or alkaline smelting; development of new type 11 products are specifically for stainless steel, heat-resistant steel and high manganese steel and high alloy steel and design.



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