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    High aluminum refractory fiber needle-punched carpet

    product details
    • Production Process

      Using flint clay as the main raw material, it is made through the processes of melting, threading (adding an appropriate amount of binder during the threading process), curing, cutting and other processes to ensure the product is formed at one time.

    • Features

      ·Low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity.

      ·Has good heat insulation and sound absorption.

      ·Excellent chemical stability and thermal stability.

    • Application

      1. Insulation of electric boilers, gas turbines and nuclear power

      2. Insulation of welded parts to eliminate stress

      3. Insulation to eliminate stress of heterogeneous metal parts

      4. Insulation of furnace door and top cover

      5. The lining of high-temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment in the chemical industry

      6. The lining of High-temperature pipelines, special-shaped pipelines, industrial furnace 



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